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SPI is a Microsoft partner

SPI is now partner of Microsoft and provides licence consultancy and reselling. Just contact us.

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Company Vision

To ease the penetration into the European and the Japanese Market (CEE, JP) for foreign companies by giving professional services for short term management, business development, marketing, sales and operations, focusing on the telecom-, banking- and insurance-sector.

Company profile

SPI is a young dynamic company with a very competent and professional core team, and with the support of establisehd partnerships in different areas, SPI is strenghtening its leadership in the CEE market as well as entry into the Japanese market.


For questions we are at your service, please contact us via the bellow contact information.

SPI Intelligence Services GmbH
Hans Czettelstrasse 12
2525 G├╝nselsdorf

CEO and founder: KommR. Ing. Andreas Spousta
Telephone: +43 (676) 9730373

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